About Whitecraig Breakfast Club

Whitecraig Breakfast & After School Club is run from Wallyford with a transport service being offered from Wallfyord to Whitecraig primary each morning and from the primary school to Wallyford in the afternoon.

We provide a safe and stimulating care environment for children from Primary 1 to P7 and Breakfast Club offers a fun start to the day for all registered families.  We have a selection of breakfast cereals or toast on offer and the children have a choice of a range of activities from arts and crafts to dodgeball in the gymhall.

ELOSCN’S PRIDE values are used in all our settings, the children, staff and all stakeholders are aware of our Values and the children enjoy praising one another when they receive one of our PRIDE stickers.

P  –  Protect themselves and each other

R  –  Respect each other, staff and children

I  –  Inspire, look after and encourage each other

D  –  Develop by giving confidence, self-belief, respect, as you can see the PRIDE in practice rolls in to each other giving every child a “Magical Experience”

E  –  Experience which we endeavour to provide a magical experience every day

Opening Times

Breakfast Club:

Mon: 7:45am – 8:55am
Tues: 7:45am – 8:55am
Wed: 7:45am – 8:55am
Thur: 7:45am – 8:55am
Fri: 7:45am – 8:55am

Childcare Available:


Collects from:

Whitecraig Primary School

How To Book

To book your Breakfast Club place

call us on 0131 653 0820 or email us.