About Longniddry After School Club

Longniddry After School Club is based in the dining room of Longniddry Primary School nestled in a quiet corner within the village of Longniddry.  We offer Breakfast club, After School club and Holiday club during February, April, summer and October.

ELOSCN’S PRIDE values are used in all our settings, the children, staff and all stakeholders are aware of our Values and the children enjoy praising one another when they receive one of our PRIDE stickers.

P  –  Protect themselves and each other

R  –  Respect each other, staff and children

I  –  Inspire, look after and encourage each other

D  –  Develop by giving confidence, self-belief, respect, as you can see the PRIDE in practice rolls in to each other giving every child a “Magical Experience”

E  –  Experience which we endeavour to provide a magical experience every day

The Breakfast and After School Club has a wide age range and varies from P1 up to S1, we give the children breakfast and offer tooth brushing facilities.  The staff then walk the children around to their area for the bell ringing to start their day. During afterschool club we go and collect the P1 & 2’s once their bell has rang.  There is then a second bell for the P3 and above, they have the responsibility to walk through the school to our setting themselves.

The primary school itself offers out of school activities which some of our children like to attend, these vary from rugby, street dance, badminton and French. The club offers a fun environment for the children to be part of and we have access to the school facilities if necessary i.e. the gym hall and playground.

Our children have a wide range of snack and activities that they choose, even though it is all about the choice of the child, we provide an adult led activity every day as an additional option.  Some of the outdoor and indoor activities range from the following:  Park, playground trim trail, Play team games, climbing trees, baking, hama beads, drawing, lego, colouring in, X Box and many many more.

The children love to choose to get outside to the park, local woods or the playing field.  Sometimes the children do want to stay in, we can also provide that extra space so the children can sit and chill.

Longniddry After School Club strives to provide that “Magical Experience” that all our children deserve and keeping our PRIDE values at the front of all choice we can deliver this.

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Opening Times

Breakfast Club:

Mon: 7:45am – 8:50am
Tues: 7:45am – 8:50am
Wed: 7:45am – 8:50am
Thur: 7:45am – 8:50am
Fri: 7:45am – 8:50am

After School Club:

Mon: 3:05pm – 5:45pm
Tues: 3:05pm – 5:45pm
Wed: 3:05pm – 5:45pm
Thur: 3:05pm – 5:45pm
Fri: 12:10pm – 5:45pm

Holiday Club:

Mon: 8am – 5:45pm
Tues: 8am – 5:45pm
Wed: 8am – 5:45pm
Thur: 8am – 5:45pm
Fri: 8am – 5:45pm

Childcare Available:


After School Care

Collects from:

Longniddry Primary School


Club Staff


How To Book

Contact Details


Longniddry Primary School
Kitchener Crescent, Longniddry, East Lothian, EH32 0LR

Inspectorate Rating

We recently had our Care Inspectorate visit where we were graded goods and very goods, the inspector stated they were happy with the club and how the children enjoyed attending and what activities were on offer.

We have a range of testimonials filed in our comments book at the entrance area.  Please feel free to pop in and have a look at any time.

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